basement sushi – a staple

If you are going to Japan it will be undoubtedly a remarkable experience. And I am quite sure the food will have it´s part in this equation. The Japanese are crazy about the best ingredients and the perfect preparation. Sushi is a good example for this and quite familiar for the common “westener”. But you would have a hard time to grasp the level of deliciousness even a simple sushi joint can produce.

For starters one of my regulars… every time I arrive in Tokyo I have my first meal there. It is Sushi in a small place in the basement nearby one of the most famous street crossings of the world. A workers favorite place, quite cheap (120 yen a plate) and just marvelous.

Enjoy the memorabilia…

Sushi place

sushi place in the basement - Y 120 per plate

As you realize on first sight, workers and regular people love this place. It´s a staple and always packed… still, to my surprise, you will be seated. I assume it is a way to guarantee an efficient seating with near to none empty seats. Efficiency is important in Japan.

workers delight

regular people love this place - it´s a staple and always packed...

It is so easy to order, you just take a look at the sign / sheet before you with pictures of all the different sushi and their name in japanese and (thankfully) english, grab a plate when it comes by on the conveyor belt and enjoy.

Only the delicious miso crap soup has to be ordered seperatly… no problem even for a gaijin (westener) like me. Just look friendly at the lady, raise one (or more) finger(s) and shout (still friendly) “miso soup”. To add “please” in japanese can get complicated depending on what you try to say, so I usually avoid this and try to compensate by friendly attitude. My way would continue with a lightly nod of the head in unison to your friendly order, which might hint a super-mini-bow. The lady will smile back at you in confirmation, shout at the kitchen and bring the hot deliciousness in seconds to your place. What´s not to love?

And not to forget the green tea. It is just great, goes so well with sushi and is free. Just grab a pot, throw in a green-tea-bag of the crate before you and hold the pot under this apparatus you see on the picture. Voila, you got yourself a hot green tea in seconds. And to my surprise (I didn´t expect great taste from that procedure) you have a damn good green tea as well. It has a restrained bitterness of the tea itself, so very mild but distinctive in it´s taste. Made from soft water and with the right temperature – impeccable. I always have a hard time to reproduce the quality of this end product at my home – under better circumstances – you would think. *bow*

easy order

easy order, just take a glance at the sheet before you with pictures and the names in japanese and english, than grab it

plate on belt

just grab it

From here I just leave you to the mighty power of the pictures of the different sushi I had. Even today my mouth is watering when I see those… damn I hope I will have them again soon… and I am hungry now, time for lunch ^^



Dee-lish - Slang for delicious, in other words extremely tasty

heavenly light and tasty

handroll sushi

handroll sushi - roll me up 😉

fatty tuna

fatty tuna - so good

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