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Foodie went for a few days to Malaysia and its capital – Kuala Lumpur. This was more an escape from Bangkok, than a particular planned trip to KL.

So what to do in a muslim oil country boring as hell – if you already know most sights in and out? Having a damn good steak!

Kuala Lumpur has some decent steak restaurants, like the Qba in the Westin and Jake Charbroils Steaks in the Starhill Gallery. But there is only one particular place, which is regular voted the best steak house in KL, the Prime Steak Restaurant on the 5th floor of the Le Meridien Hotel.

I wanted to go to Prime for a quite some time. The last time in KL I did not make it and ended up in Jakes having a 680 gr Porterhouse Steak. It was quite an experience. About that I should write another time. And indeed it filled me up right – but there was nothing to excite me in a way, that I have to go back there.

The Prime in comparison plays in a different league. The restaurant and the meat they offering is a class of it´s own and as every steak lover knows, it´s all about the meat (and not ruining it by the chef).

So this time in KL should be the one chance to pursue this meat lovers dream, the highly marbled wagyu or kobe beef or even better, the grade 9+ Blackmore beef, an award winning 100% full blood Japanese Wagyu named after the owner David Blackmore. It is said to have a marbling that would melt at room temperature, hence giving the meat its “melt in the mouth” moisture and tenderness fame.

The restaurants menu states, that Blackmore Wagyu cattle are grain fed 500-600 days non stop and flown in from Australia with a tender and intensely sweet flavor. Because of this, they claim it is “inarguably the best Wagyu available in the world outside Japan” and “only sold to the best restaurants around the world“.

Hear hear… and lets see.

We were seated in one of the séparées – very quiet and distinctive, I like that.

After a disappointing start with something that should be a classic martini but came with Pernod in it (what the Fu**?), I received some home made bread with an assortment of butter. Hm OK, not so elevating and more on the mediocre side. The buttery component to the bread were without a distinctive taste, even though the green one should be a wasabi butter… hmm, didn´t really get that.

Home made bread for starters.

As a side order I prefer a green salad to my steak. Sometime maybe a baked potato, even french fries, when I know they are great in a certain place. But here I am on a mission to sample some of the finest beef there is.

So no distraction for my paled from the main event and just some nice balancing green to the meat. I choose one of my all time favorites, a Caesars salad, that (normally) goes well with steak.

Caesars salad as a side dish

Unfortunately the disappointment continued. I expected a little not to say much more. Maybe I am a spoiled by the New York Steakhouse in Bangkok, where they prepare the salad at your table and you can even taste it and have it seasoned to your liking.

Even though I thought to read something similar on the menu at Prime, the salad came done to the table – and it could have used some additional seasoning badly. What I got there was just blend.

So far, I was not amused at all.

Finally the main actor of the night arrived. A nice peace of marbled 480 gr prime rib cooked medium rare. The anticipation I built up for this was enormous and to my relief it delivered. The meat was perfect – a true divine experience and I enjoyed until the end.

A perfect piece of marbled prime rib - medium rare.

I choose a reduced red wine and mushroom sauce, that did go well with the meat.

The steak - blinded by the (flash)light.

I also ordered some of the praised home made mustard – that never arrived. Bummer.

To conclude the experience…
…for the premium price of the most expensive steak restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, the service was pretty bad. So bad, I would never think of going here again, if not for the meat – this was divine.

I am not sure about the hymns and praises of the menu about the origins of that meat. Sounds a little heavy to me – a little exaggerated. BUT the meat and the final product delivered what I expected. The beef as a ingredient was unbelievable good and the chef did not butcher it through cooking…

A truly great steak that was. And I am coming back. But next time I am not willing to put up with a terrible cocktail, tasteless bread and blend salad, especially since they made half of the in the end not so humble bill. Still I can not be mad at this night and the experience was worth it.

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