Shopping Delivery

The previous described shopping trip was over but at this time I was not aware, that the experience itself would not be over yet.

Let me explain some of the circumstances, which led to a “happy ending” in a shopping sense.

In Bangkok manual labor is relatively cheap. This leads also to affordable delivery service. The ultimate high end grocery store of Bangkok makes no difference here and offers this service too. With a purchase over 5.000 Baht (~120 Eur) this service would even be free of charge. Another option is to apply for a membership card and the bill for a free delivery just has to be over 3.000 Baht…
Nice – where do I have to go for this card?

As it turned out, it is no big deal. Just approach a service counter, smile at the lady behind it, say you´re a filthy rich tourist – in comparison to most Thais – but still a cheap who wants to save money, than fill out a short form and voila, you get the desired card.
As a bonus the card entitles you to a 5% discount for every purchase. Nifty.

Since I missed the 3.000 Baht for a free delivery, I faced a surcharge of 200 Baht, which is around 5 Eur. Maybe not really cheap on first sight, but in this particular case it seemed affordable to me… a major reason might be the awful lot bottles of beer, water for cooking in large six liter containers and the lots of heavy stuff on my shopping list.

So forget about massages and what else people typically think of  Thai services – this delivery service is what you need… Someone does the heavy lifting for you and brings every thing to your home. You don´t have to drag the stuff around. Let´s feel like in colonial times and let the natives work for you… (ehm ok – not). It feels a little decadent I have to admit – but also, I liked it 🙂

The paperwork was filled out by the nice lady behind the counter and I could walk away bare handed, knowing that in approximately one hour all the purchase would be at my home. Let´s get home!

Still the surprise was great, when the delivery arrived. First they bring it to your residence and after consulting with the concierge, even to your door and in your kitchen. Nice.

Even nicer were the packages that arrived or more their packaging. When I gave the groceries away, the trolley was relatively unsorted filled with all kinds of stuff. But at home arrived two packages with all the purchase neatly packed inside. Every bottle was wrapped in paper, the fresh produce was in one plastic bag, the cheese in another and the snack, chips and sweets in a different one.It felt a little like Birthday or Christmas to unpack all the goods… every package, “what might be in here? – Ahh…”. That was fun.

I was and still am impressed. Therefore the need to share this story with the rest of the world. If you go shopping in Thailand, at least once you should use a delivery service. It is real cool – in the best way there is.

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2 Responses to Shopping Delivery

  1. der steffi says:

    same goes for china… at first i felt kind of ashamed, but you get used to it so fast… hurray for mcdonalds delivery!!!

    • ixo says:

      McDonald delivers here with no minimum order – and I know someone who uses this quite often…

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