Istanbul launching

Launching with a view of the marvelous "Blue Mosque"

Foodie stayed a while in Istanbul, a fabulous metropolis with officially more then 13 mio people, the real number though is much higher.

Istanbul resides right at the edge of Asia and Europe and is divided by the Bosporus connecting the Black Sea at the north with the Sea of Marmara at the south.

You can travel between the continents just by crossing a huge suspension bridge. The bridge itself could easily misplaced to San Francisco – on first sight. Otherwise this town is quite unique and not likely to confuse with any other place in the world at all.

The bridge over the Bosporus connects Europe (left) with Asia (right)

Panoramic view of the Golden Horn in Istanbul

Satellite view of Istanbul where Europe and Asia barely touching only divided be the Bosporus which is connecting the Black Sea at the north with the Sea of Marmara at the south.

Istanbul, known in ancient times as Byzantium and Constantinople, was one of the major metropolises in the known world 2.000 years back and over-lived Rome as the capital of the (Eastern) Roman Empire for nearly a thousand years… and it shows. Hardly I ever experienced a city in the world with that many relics of ancient times and remarks of the upcoming (western) civilization as we know it today… just marvelous.

Unfortunately I am short in time and there would so much to say about this great city and many memorable encounters. So at this time I just would like to give you some impression. Most of them I took with my (not so crappy) phone camera, so please no high expectations of those. At another time I intent to go into some stories and noteworthy details.

Enjoy the views of an unforgettable part of the world.

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2 Responses to Istanbul launching

  1. Brett says:

    Found your post in FlyerTalk and I see you are a foodie… So Im have a long 1 day (30 hour) layover in Istanbul and staying at the W Hotel for the one night… Any recs on restaurants? I have one lunch and two dinners to burn! I’ll be around the W and then down to the main tourist area but probably wont have time to venture farther out. Price not important but experience, authenticity and quality are important (and of course local cuisine is paramount). Would love some advice.


    • ixo says:

      Hey Brett,

      sorry for the late reply. It is not easy to recommend something around the W in Istanbul. Besiktas is a nice area with many neat little places to eat but frankly nothing to “be experienced”. There are nearby a few cool places regarding the venue, the view especially. But don´t expect to much of the food. That is generally the issue over there. You can have great regular Turkish cuisine in many little corner-shop restaurants. Unfortunately the places with a view or particular the ones for tourists are mostly not the ones I would recommend for their food.

      Since you want to eat around the hotel. Just walk the area. The one place adjacent to the hotel is nice for breakfast and even a snack. I enjoyed there many times a Turkish coffee or the very strong and sweet Turkish tea.

      Otherwise I would suggest you talk to the knowledgeable concierges in the W. The two I encountered were the only service in the W that left a good impression. In the end I have no problem to admit, that I am not fond of this property after all. Next time I will probably stay in the (new) Le Meridien, which is not that far from the W.

      Wish you a great layover.

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