The Layover

Today a somewhat different declaration of admiration. I would like to admit, that I am kind of a fan of the doing of a certain Anthony Bourdain. Maybe this is not that wondrous for someone in love with food. And here comes why…

Anthony Bourdain is a former Manhattan chef with a classic culinary education and decades of experiences in the business. From this experience he then wrote a book “Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly“, which was published in August 2000 and beside some fame it brought for him, it also laid the groundwork for his later work.
He is described as “once known as the bad boy of cooking, Bourdain is settling into an only slightly more dignified position as a professional (…) critic and pork enthusiast” and is today best known for “traveling the globe on his stomach, daringly consuming some of the world’s most exotic dishes“. Sounds appetizing – doesn´t it?

The success of his book transcended over the years into some well known food and travel series, first the TV show “A Cook´s Tour” (and a book of the same name) and later the much better known “No Reservations“.

If you have been around the world, chance are, that you have seen one or the other show some late night in your hotel, while in deep battle with your ongoing jet-lag. But even on boring business trips, I always carry some of my favorite shows with me on my notebook. I enjoy viewing them over and over at the typical annoying airport lounge with bad food… so the waiting doesn´t hurt that bad and while my imagination processes the impressions from the show – and what I could have eaten – the bad lounge-food-crap-experience in my stomach marvelously transcends into something nice and desirable… or at least my memory suggests that, when I remember some of those lounge experiences later on.

So in one word, “Thank you Tony for that!”.

And here comes the new thing I want to talk about: A few days ago I finally was able to lay my hands on his new TV show series “The Layover“, which aired in late November 2011. This is, from what I´ve seen so far, a new highlight in every foodies dream.
Every show is roughly 45 minutes of fast pace cut snippets, how to spend your time in a city, if you´re in love with food – or just human and not stupid. You can see every show multiple times, just to process all the information – or just lay back and enjoy the ride.

The respective `Layover´ stays are meant to be done in 24-48 hours but you could easily spend a week with all the suggestions you get from a show. I assume filming every episode took at least a week on the destinations – but who cares. There are some stories to tell, right?

Glorious impressions will be served to you on a silver platter and you would be a fool not to at least try to achieve some of these experience for yourself and visit those places – if you are able to. The first shows are about Singapore, New York City, Rome and Hong Kong. Do I have to tell more? I don´t think so.

So go crazy on them and spice up your next boring airport lounge stay… or just enjoy the good moments they will bring you. May it be memories, since you´ve already been there (even then, you will hardly see places you know) or just a form of encouragement to go there and experience it for yourself.

Enjoy !!!

And to give you a little fix, I´d like to show you some of the pictures during the shoots… more of which you can find here.

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