Former favorite seafood place in Bangkok

Quite some time went by after my last posting, despite the many travels I did achieve in this period. I would like to restart telling about my findings and experiences with a place in Bangkok that conquered my heart in a storm… and lost it way to fast after that.

In September 2012 I was ‘proud like oscar’… having found a seafood place in Bangkok, which even a well informed Thai friend never heard of. The significance lied merely in the fact, that in this huge and food driven metropolis Bangkok, authentic (middle-land) Thai food, including fresh and high quality seafood, is not as easy to find as someone would imagine…
Another thing is, that a lot of the good places are often far away and can be very ‘rustic’ in appearance, not to talk about the fact that once an amazing is found, it would not always be easy or even possible for a foreigner to order the food (if not able to read or speak Thai).

That my friends seemed all ‘moaning of yesterday’ to continue with poorly translated German sayings.
Last year the awesome seafood place in Bangkok was found near BTS Sanam Pao and heavens it delivered.

I was instantly in love with the food. I ate pretty much all good stuff their menu had to offer. And I loved it so much, that I wanted to eat there every second day…
…and sometimes did.

In my foolish pride finding this place and my selfish happiness about this new amazing source of seafood and Thai food, I pledged to keep it a secret, so it would not be destroyed by to many Farang swarming the place. I kept it a secret until now. And it deserves to restart my blog of significant food experiences.

Unfortunately it came like it sadly happens way to often. The quality of the food deteriorated significantly over my last visits. It came to a point where the food lost their balance and unique quality taste. And then the more serious mishaps: The steamed sea bass in lime sauce, which one of their staple and signature dishes, was not properly opened. A cut fish bladder during clearing the guts is a serious mistake I cannot accept. It ruins the taste entirely and leaves you with a really bad aftertaste that ruins the whole meal. In addition, the fish got suddenly smaller and smaller, while the price kept the same.

Also seriously saddening, the former amazing tom yam hed fang soup lost her creamy and perfectly balanced taste. It became to sour and left a weird aftertaste, the mushrooms were not good, the lime sauce not fresh. The vegetables were still OK but not great. From the many dishes not one could stand out anymore.

So in the end I gave the place two more chances and after even some stomach problems from the last visit, I consider it lost…
…which now makes it possible for me to tell about it (harhar).

To indulge in the sweet memories, let me guide you through some of my (former) favorite dishes there.

Let’s start it off with an amazing soup, tom yam hed fang. Over the last years this became for me some sort of reference point to identify quickly the quality of the kitchen. It is a classic tom yam soup without all the usual shrimps or sea food, with much less lemon grass and other non edible ingredients. More important, the flavors are so subtle that the chef can not cheat any old stuff into it he wants to gets rid off – which is quite often the case with the various tam yam soups you might encounter in Thailand. In my experience, if the chef is able to get this soup done properly, the other food in most cases tends to be also quite good.

Another amazing treat was the steamed sea bass in spicy sour lime sauce with garlic, served in a huge fish shaped pan over glowing red charcoal. I’d kill for the cheek of that fish.

Also worth mentioning are the vast variety of different sea food that was provided there. For Bangkok circumstances amazing fresh and of high quality.

Fresh oysters with a spritz of lemon over delicious scallops in garlic butter or female crab with roe, mussels cooked plain or with oyster sauce and/or garlic and mushrooms. My mouth waters just by the memories of those.
And then there were also these amazing stir fried vegetables with chilies in fish or oyster sauce. I could have those every day.

As a respectful farewell I give you a collection of some of their great dishes. Enjoy the gallery of (former) deliciousness. I miss this place – a lot.

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