Amazing food in the south of Thailand

southern-thailand-islands Map of Tailand - the southFoodie is in Thailand and took the local holidays off, to escape from buzzing Bangkok and the current political turmoil on the streets. The idea was to relax a bit in the south of Thailand over the holidays, which started on the Kings Birthday and went on over the weekend for five days. Yes, there were also some protests in the south but they did not interfere that much.

As many times before I chose the area in and around Krabi Town as my destination for this short trip. There are many options regarding Islands, beaches, accommodation and food. The goal was to explore the known and yet unknown food options there. Some of which I want to share with you.

Like in many Countries, the south differs quite a bit from the central area (like Bangkok) and even more so from the north. In my opinion this is very much so in Thailand. The near border to Malaysia in the south is visible. People look slightly different. You will see many Mosques and a visibly stronger Muslim community. Also the cuisine is quite different when it comes to ingredients and preparation. In general I would say there is more spice and many intense tastes. I enjoy the different but great curries and the super fresh seafood. If you can eat spicy food you will experience a whole new culinary world down there, with many familiarities to central Thailand. I like it a lot.

In the pictures below, you will see some types of dishes repeat themselves, as I like to order them to determine the ability of the chef. In my opinion one of the greatest features in Thai cuisine is the balance between the distinguished tastes, may it be sour and sweet and creamy, spicy and savory or whatever you are looking for.

I can state this trip was a great experience food wise and a lot of fun.

Beside the usual food pictures I would like to also provide you with some of my check ins on Foursquare. You do not need the application on your phone to see them but you I think need to have an account and be logged in to see those.

If you use these links with your phone app, it makes it very easy to save a place in a list and to find it later – if you would want that – something I do frequently with check ins from other foodies around the world.

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