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Foodie is back. Sadly the last post is 32 months old. That is bad enough already. In addition due to technical issues – I had no time to resolve – the site was down for over 2 years. I have to apologize for that.

A lot has happened in that period. Foodie was eating a lot, traveling like crazy, found a new passion if not love, four dogs and a dozen cats impacted my life significantly. Let’s just say this last two years came with a satisfying circumstances and achievements.

From a travelers perspective worth mentioning was reaching the highest tier at Cathay Pacific two years in a row. Due to the somewhat weird policy of Cathay resetting the mileage counter after reaching a new tier, the miles needed to achieve highest tier in one year are insane. Cathay-1Coming from nothing and getting to Diamond meant the equivalent of 30.000 + 60.000 + 120.000 miles = more than 210.000 miles just in the first year.

Frankly, it was tiring at some point… but oddly enough still enjoyable. CX_The_Pier_1st_2I assume that came down to (a) the comparably overall superior service from the Cathay staff in the air and (b) the fact that I flew a lot over Hong Kong (6-8 times a month) and Hong Kong has an impressive selection of lounges, positively speaking. Many Cathay¬† business lounges in HK are already outstanding but more importantly for this blog, once reached Diamond I gained access to the two First Class Lounges, The Wing and The Pier. The latter is the better one in my opinion. It was just renovated, reopened in mid 2015 and operated by the Peninsula hotel, which is unusually for the business. That came with a few significant differences I will address in another post. Just so much, it is an extraordinary experience and highly recommended. More another time.

I believe at the time of my last post I already held another major achievement in a travelers life, just did not brag about it… yet ;). Just shortly mentioned, it was a proud day when I received this special card from Starwood SPG, one of the world’s largest hotel chains with the most desired perk catalog by travelers. IMG_20130620_120051 (Small) 2This nifty, solid metal card states my Platinum membership status for life… ‘Lifetime’ is no small achievement and it comes with solid money worth perks. I might explain about that most in another post. Just let’s say this much it takes some dedication over at least 10 years which many many nights in hotels. My crazy lifestyle over the last two decades helped and brought me under the first 20 people in the world to receive this.

A major change in my life was the manifestation of my life’s center to South East Asia. My passport states Bangkok as my place of residence now…¬† which might not come as a surprise to many, since I spend a lot if not most of my time in this part of the world for years. But ‘officially’ leaving my home country by ‘un-registering’ at all government agencies was a big step towards a nomad’s life with it’s epicenter in Bangkok Thailand, where I reside these days most of my free time._DSC1369

Let’s shortly mention the new found passion which hit me hard. Surprising for most people who know me, I was infected by a bug that had its origin in nineties the south of France, already loving it back then. But it never became a part of my mindset and life the years after. IMG_20140531_162533In 2014 I bought a scooter, a spaceship like designed Honda PXC 150, to master the insane traffic in the Megalopolis of Bangkok. From that day I got hooked like on crack… I can’t go a day without driving or at least missing the feeling of wind in my face and the streetlights going by. And as any good junkie the scooter was just my entry drug, pretty soon followed by some big bikes of which I will surely talk in the future. I just wonder sometimes why I never picked up this exhilarating, captivating, thrilling and overall energizing activity… not even hobby, it feels like a lifestyle.

The spaceship was followed quickly by two naked beauties… of big bikes… that make me smile every time I ride them. I will show those off another time.

This new devotion to 2 wheels came with the amazing opportunity to patrol the streets of Bangkok at night in my constant search for new food havens – which I found, plentiful, good, bad and a few amazing ones. Most likely I will present some of those in here.

There is still a lot to do with the maintaining and improvement of this website. So there will be changes and hopefully with a bit of time many more posts soon.

Foodie is back!

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