The best croissants in Bangkok?

IMG_20160801_090418An ongoing quest over the last years is finally resolved… at least for me. Happily I can announce to have finally found a really great croissant in Bangkok. The search for it was a long and ugly one. Even in the best 5 star hotels I could not find anything good. Particularly in various hotels of the Le Meridien brand here in Bangkok, I do expect some ‘Frenchness’ and with that some decent croissants and pastries. Not happening. Particular the Le Meridien Bangkok (at Surawong), which is maybe my favorite hotel in Bangkok, that otherwise shines with quite some French impact and good Illy coffee (ok, that is Itialian but awesome), fails horribly with the Pastries. The croissants there are only edible after warming up in the oven and even then they just ‘meeh’ but not good.

After this long rant for an intro… the salvation. So it came very welcome to me when a new acquaintance of mine here in Bangkok, who happens to be French, gave me this tip: Maison Chatenet at . And it did deliver – big time!

IMG_20160806_102045From what I understood: The guy who does this amazing baking is Laos born, not french but lived and worked in Paris for years. He worked for renowned Pastry chefs and made himself a name in the following. His baked goods where so good, he received an award for his pastries, particularly the galette, which is an almond cream filled pastry. Those galette were recognized in 2013 and 2015 as the best in Paris by the Chambre professionnelle des Artisans Boulangers-Pâtissiers (a group of artisans which requires all members to adhere to traditional baking standards). That is not a small achievement, considering him being a foreigner in Paris. The French tend to be quite nationalistic when it comes to ‘their’ treasures.

IMG_20160801_090401These days he operates his small Patisserie business in Bangkok and I am glad he does.

Let’s just say it this way, the croissants I had this morning were marvelous! I am still enchanted by them and just think when I will have them again.

From what I hear it is wise to be there early (8 – 10am). The shop can be sold out earlier than someone with a good weekend slumber might like. But from my experience, it is absolutely worth it to get up early for them on the weekend (or during the week). Just keep in mind the shop is closed on Mondays. I had to learn that the hard way 🙁


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