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Going out in Bangkok always give you a challenge when looking for a quiet setting to catch up with your friends. Just relax without live performance or otherwise loud music blasting in your ears in surprisingly rare in the city. With that, places that provide a serine environment, that let you relax and have a nice chat with your friends, those are always welcome. The Mikkeller Bangkok provides all the attributes to make that happen. It is located in a quiet back alley of the already green and more quiet Ekkamai, an upscale residential neighborhood. The venue itself is set in a small, older type house with a green garden in front. You can sit inside and outside.

So far I am all for this place. On the the other hand, that it is a designated place for craft beer does not excite me much, as the hype for craft beer hit Bangkok two years ago and got beaten to death. But at least here we have a different take on it, away from the usual hipster ambiance. I liked the first impression of it.

I did frequent the Mikkeller a few times, once even on a Friday evening and every time is was not very busy or busy at all. I personally enjoy that. Some people might look for a more buzzing vibe though. The outside is nice to sit, particular if a bit colder in the evening but beware of the mosquitoes that will eat you alive. The inside has a cozy charm to it, which I enjoy a lot – particular on humid evenings my preferred choice.

The menu offers a wide range of craft beers. Some are strange, actually most of them are. But that might excite you. The often let you taste a few to make up your choice. Quite standard in this scene. Unfortunately I was underwhelmed by those beer choices. I tried a few different beers and had issues with taste and even more so with the served amount. Now I am a German guy from Bavaria who is used to get a 0,5l as a small or regular beer. Getting served a tiny glass that would even look questionable for a glass of wine was kind of a shock to me. The amount of money (240-300 THB) that is asked for every single of those tiny glasses is the next shock to digest. Frankly the pricing is way out of balance.

Now serving overpriced beer can work out if the product is very exciting (or the venue is carrying it). Actually a few (craft) beer places in Bangkok achieve that and make up for the steep price tags. But the Mikkeller fails in this department. At a couple of visits I could sample many of the beers on the menu and just one was rather enjoyable in taste for me. But they still leave me with a pale aftertaste if the glass is empty after two sips and I have to order another one – overpriced. The outlandish price level really takes out a lot of the fun of it.

The food on the menu sounds interesting. Many items are again quite steep in price but from what I could make of them they look nice. Friends had a cold cut platter and were happy with it. It looks proper compared to many other offered in Bangkok.

Overall the experience is quite mixed. I do like the venue, enjoy the ambiance and the chance to chat with friends. What is offered though leaves me with a bitter aftertaste. The beers, most likely the reason you go there, are not convincing. Hard to find a taste that satisfies and the outrageous price tags for the tiny glasses border on a bad joke. The food makes a better impression but is also not on the cheap side.

So would I recommend this to a friend? Sadly I have to say no. There are much better choices available for any of the aspects mentioned, some not even far away. But make up your own mind. Throw in a visit and decide for yourself.

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